Pusula Basım has been the main manufacturer about nonwoven bags since 2009. It has 6000 m2 indoor area for production in Istanbul. All production process are in Pusula Basım facilities. It has nonwoven fabric making line, offset, rotogravure,flexo and screen print printing lines , sheet and roll lamination and fabric sizing units, hand sewing workshop and ultrasonic sewing units for assembly of bags. Production line of kraft paper has been added with other lines in 2021. Besides others all ancillary equipments are in itself . As standart Pusula Basım has 50 tons fabric which are different grams in their stock for every month. And monthly production capacity of Pusula Basım is 6 millions bags.

All of our manufacturing process is under our control and handled in our own facilities from start to finish. Our aim is to meet your special needs while producing top quality materials.

MOQ is 1000 pcs and production time is within 3 weeks up to 10.000pcs. Delivery and transport take about a week. For both national and international destinations, we have the shortest delivery time and we export high-end products to more than 15 countries in Europe alone.

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